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best of farm to table 2015

Another fantastic year has passed on the Farm to Table blog. I’ve meet new farmers, tried new artisan products and did a lot of yummy cooking. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the recipes featuring great farmers market produce.

One of my favorite places to discover was The King’s Roost in Silver Lake, CA.  It’s chock full of homesteader/DIY’er materials/kits/books/classes/grains, etc… and the owner is fantastic and full of ideas and knowledge to share. I’m loving the freshly milled, locally sourced, whole wheat I got there recently for my bread baking.

the kings roost

On a personal note, my family moved a few miles to a home with a bigger yard.  We have more room now for a bigger garden and chickens! So excited about the chickens. You’ll see more on that this coming year, but for now, here’s a list of your favorite top ten articles from 2015:

I look forward to sharing even more with you in 2016!





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