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Artisanal LA 2014

For the last few years, Artisanal LA has been showcasing the best Southern California artisanal vendors around.  Although you’ll find mostly small batch food and beverage artisans here, when cruising the isles you’ll also find some amazing candles, soaps, clothing and more.  This was my first year there and I really could have spent the entire weekend (instead of just the few hours I had) meeting these incredible, passionate artists and tasting their samples, buying their goods and supporting this community. I am so excited to be highlighting many of those I met on this site over the next few months!

As I mentioned, I only had a short time to power through the (approx) 100 or so vendors and pick up some goodies along the way.

artisanal la

  • The first booth I purchased from was The Awesome Candle. Ibi’s new company uses 100% natural soy wax.  I grabbed up the rose vanilla which I have burning next to me as we speak.  (We are speaking, right?)
  • Salted caramels… that is all I have to say because in my world, that speaks for itself!!! OMG these Le Bon Garcon caramels are devine!!!!
  • I admit I’m a whimp when it comes to hot sauce but my hubby loves them. I couldn’t wait to grab one of these All Good Sauces for a few reasons… 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives and just as importantly, the promise of sweetness (mango based) to go with the Habanero heat!
  • I couldn’t pass up on the handcrafted pickles with names like Bloody Buddies, Vampire Slayers and Hattie’s Hotties. Pickledbyhattie are pickles I always wish I could make myself!  I grabbed a huge jar of the BB’s – Spicy Bread n’ Butters to add to our sandwiches.
  •  The most beautiful pastas I’ve ever seen were waiting for me at Baia Pasta.  Artisanal.  Organic. Gorgeous. Renato and Dario held everyone that passed by captive with their pastas (and those Italian accents just made it all seem so old world romantic!) I’m the proud owner of their spelt, durum wheat and kamut pastas… but that won’t last long…

Artisanal LA continues today at LA Mart downtown until 6pm.  Let me know if you went and what you got in the comments below.

A few photos and links to other vendors…

‘Pop Tart’ hand pies and bread from Red Bread, Culver City…
red bread

 Gindo’s Spice of Life pepper sauce…
artisanal la_0010

 Sow Swell,  Farmscaping services and products!  Awesome!
sow swell

Hilarious t-shits and canvas bags for foodies: Bad Pickle Tees
Bad Pickle Tees

 Los Angeles Bread Bakers: A Meet-up group for bread bakers!
Los Angeles Bread Bakers

The crew from Outpost Cold Brewed Coffee…
artisanal la_0005

This jerky seemed to be flying off the shelves: Three Jerks Beef Jerky
artisanal la_0002

Canning class given by Master Food Preservers of LA County
Master Food Perservers

Beautiful jam combinations from M. Greenwood Jams...
artisanal la_0003

One of my favs… Hepp’s Salt Co. (I so need one of their Himalayan Slat Slabs)…
hepp salts

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