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Favorite Books from 2017

healthy cookbooks 2017

Sure you can find anything you want on the world wide web… but books!  I love books.  Nothing can replace flipping through a cookbook, as far as I’m concerned. And when it’s coupled with great photos, I’m all in.  There are so many great books that come out every year.  So many cookbooks, so little time. I know I missed a bunch, but here are a few of my favorite cookbooks from 2017 and a few fav homesteading books worth picking up, too.

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Persimmon Spice Cookies

persimmon spice cookies

Seeing persimmons in the store is a sure sign that Autumn has arrived. And if you’re lucky enough to have your own tree, you might be trying to figure out what to do with them all! These Persimmon Spice Cookies are a perfect seasonal treat – full of spicy goodness! You’ll want these all year round!

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Fuyu Persimmons (and what to do with them)

what to do with fuyu persimmons

fuyu persimmons

You know Fall has officially arrived when the markets start filling up with Persimmons. These beautiful orange globes originated in Asia, then found their way to the United States in 1851. Persimmons (from the genus Diospyros) are packed with vitamins A, B and C, as well as manganese.  They are a fantastic source of fiber and contain many antioxidants and gallocatechins (a tumor inhibitor). Two thousand different cultivators exist, with 20 fairly well known varieties available in many markets. In most US markets however, you’ll find the two most commercially available varieties from September – December: Hachiaya and Fuyu persimmons.

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Jalapeno Jelly

jalapeno jelly

jalapeno jelly

With an abundance of jalapeños from our garden, I’ve been able to preserve them in so many different ways! I’m excited to share this Jalapeño Jelly recipe with you all, as it’s absolutely delicious! I’m not even really into spicy food (I grow and preserve them for the hubby), but a dollop of this on some cheese?  Hello!  So good!   Continue Reading…


Farmers Market Finds

produce from westlake village farmers market

Just a bit north of Los Angeles, on the way to Thousand Oaks, is Westlake Village.  They have a great Sunday market that is fairly large and diverse.  Many of my favorite vendors are here from my usual Saturday market in Calabasas, so if I can’t make it on a Saturday, I’ll head 10 minutes up highway 101 to catch the Westlake Village Farmers Market.

My garden has been so prolific, we didn’t need much today. (There was also a croissant from Breadbarand a cheese danish from Les Delices Du Four Bakery, but those obviously didn’t make it back home for this photo!)

We also picked some beautiful sunflowers from Rob and Isa Floral, in Carpinteria, CA.

farmers market sunflowers

The Westlake Village Farmers Market :


Easy Pickled Jalapenos

easy pickled jalapenos

easy to make pickled jalapeños

One of my favorite things to grow are peppers.  Even before I had a ‘real’ garden, I would grow in pots to appease my husbands love of all things spicy. I grow a few different varieties, but jalapeños are the favs around here.  And when my plants are so full they are tipping over from the weight, I know it’s time to do a mass harvest and start my seasonal preserving recipe for easy pickled jalapeños.

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