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Classic Mac and Cheese

classic mac and cheese

A classic mac and cheese dish is one of those hearty comfort foods that most of us grew up on.  (Well, I grew up on the box version… but a comfort food, never the less… love you mom!)  Making it from scratch for my family is rewarding and delicious, and the combination of the cheeses I’ve used for this one gives this mac and cheese dish depth to it’s flavor.

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Classic Egg Salad {Feed South Africa = Lunchbox Fund}

My elementary school lunches often consisted of the same thing because I was such a picky eater.  A hard boiled egg and a packet of salt {with 10 cents thrown in so I could buy a carton of milk}.  I must have eaten those things day in and day out and my wonderful mother kept packing them.  Because eating that one protein rich egg was better then me eating nothing at all. I think we all know at this point how lack of food can diminish willpower and concentration, and strip away a child’s potential. And poverty is often at the root of this issue.

classic egg salad

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