Fallen Fruit – The Endless Orchard

the endless orchard

Looking for something awesome to do this Saturday in LA?

Fallen Fruit, has been creating Urban Fruit Trails around LA called the Endless Orchard. Part helping to feed the masses with fresh fruit/part living artwork, this project helps home and business owners in certain areas plant donated fruit trees on spaces along sidewalks and fences. Fruit that can be picked by any passerby and enjoyed by all.

There are two great ways to get involved and become part of The Endless Orchard this Saturday, March 19, at The Los Angeles State Historic Park.

  • Donate some time between 10am – 2pm to plant some trees.
  • If you live within a mile of Los Angeles State Historic Park and have space to plant trees on parkways and/or fence lines of private property, you can get a tree!  Volunteers are available to help plant it.

Check out more on The Endless Orchard project.

The Endless Orchard Project
March 19, 10-2
1799 Baker Street (meet under the North Broadway Bridge)

(Image credit: Fallen Fruit)


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