Farmers Market Feature: Country Fresh Herbs

country fresh herbs

I love, love, love stopping by the Country Fresh Herbs stand at the Calabasas Farmers Market on Saturdays.  They have some of the prettiest, hard to find veggies all the time.  In fact, they have items I don’t see at any other stand, like Shisito Peppers and Lemon Cucumbers.  And their heirloom tomatoes are to die for!!!

country fresh herbs_0005

country fresh herbs_0004

Heidi is always at this stand and very knowledgable about all the produce.  She may even throw in a handful of fresh basil to go with those heirloom tomatoes!  Country Fresh Herbs is run by Mike and Kathy Feig, out of Tarzana and Somais, CA.  They started growing herbs to sell to restaurants, like Pedaler’s Fork… right behind their stand in Calabasas.  This was a natural transition from Mike’s days as a chef.  As the demand for fresh produce (such as theirs) grew, so did their property – expanding from their original home garden, to leased acreage in Tazana and additional greenhouse space in Somis in order to produce year round.

From what Heidi tells me, The Fiegs were one of the first to do micro greens and they are always on the lookout for unique produce.  Heirlooms can be found year round (they make for such a great sauce!!!).

country fresh herbs

country fresh herbs

Ironically, I didn’t take any photos of their amazing herbs as I am always distracted by the beauty of all the other rare treats I find in their stand.

You can visit Country Fresh Herbs at the following farmers markets throughout the greater LA area:

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