Farmers Market Feature: La Bahn Ranch

la bahn farms

If you are new to the Calabasas Farmers Market you will definitely wonder what the very long line is for at one of the booths up front.  You may even get in the line not knowing why but not wanting to miss out.  And you wouldn’t be wrong to do so.

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So what is everyone craving so badly from La Bahn Ranch?  Their free-range, grain-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free eggs for the most part.  Secondly, those same free-range chickens are sold whole or in parts, as well as ground chicken and turkey. (Because when it’s gone, it’s gone!) But it’s also gotta be David and Poncho.

la bahn ranch

Everyone knows them by name and even with that crazy line, they take the time (between a little cha-cha-cha to the salsa music playing in the background) to greet everyone with a smile, a fist bump, or the occasional rose if you show up at the right time.

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la bahn ranch

David’s uncle owns the La Bahn Ranch in Temecula and David runs the farmers market stand, having taken it over from his father a few years back. Their eggs are mostly brown and white (with a few pretty blue ones as well) and are large and jumbo. David estimates they sell approximately 4000 at the market, as well as all their meat.

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And don’t let that line stop you from supporting the ranch.  The eggs are some of the best I’ve had and David and Poncho will definitely entertain you! Line tip:  they occasionally have a third person and if so you can most likely get in a shorter, egg-only line.

la bahn ranch

David suggested I get a dozen of the love eggs this weekend, so I said yes having no idea what I was saying yes to. I was right in thinking they would be just as colorful as these guys.

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La Bahn Ranch is at the Calabasas Farmers Market, in Old Town Calabasas, every Saturday from 8-1.  Their booth is located along Calabasas Road, across the street from the Sagebrush Cantina.  But just look for the line… and get in it.

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    July 26, 2015 at 1:51 am

    i was looking to SEE on line real photos from the ranch how the chickens live …do they have space to run ? to feel the out side ? to be a real chicken until some one will eat them at list they will have a good life before …there is some information… but not real pictures from the ranch and the chickens …can you add a video to the web site for people like me who buy the eggs to be sure that what i buy is real free rang eggs .

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      Farm to Table
      July 26, 2015 at 6:24 pm

      Hi Leah, This article is only a farmers market feature, not a farm tour feature, I’m afraid. La Bahn is very popular at the farmers markets and so we can only hope that what the vendors at the markets tell us about their farms is true. I think asking Le Bahn themselves to make videos for their web site or Facebook page is the way to go and a great idea! Let me know what they say. 🙂

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