Five Things to do with Browning Bananas

browning bananas
We all find ourselves in this position at some point: You’re at the store and buy a hand of bananas with every intention to eat them up with your morning eggs. But as the days pass, they become more and more unappetizing. Let’s just be honest here, browning mushy fruit is kind of gross. If it was a brown mushy apple, it would be in the trash before you could finish saying, “Eeeeeewwww”!

But don’t let those brown bananas get you down. And don’t throw them out! Did you know America wastes 40% of its food? That’s 20 pounds of food waste per person per month! Yeah, that’s kind of a big deal. Check out this article I wrote for Destination Femme on five easy things to do with those browning bananas.

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