French Morning Melon

french morning melon

The Farmers Market is bustling with gorgeous summer fruit right now.  All our favorites and some perhaps lesser known.  Underwood Family Farms carries some delicious heirloom varieties of melons that perhaps you wouldn’t normally try but trust me, you need to! I could spend the whole summer eating my way through their seasonal offerings.

Last weekend I purchased a French Morning Melon from the handful of different varieties of melon’s they had that day. This melon has a gorgeous yellow coloring to the skin, and a green flesh.  It’s super sweet and juicy and tastes like a cross between a cantaloupe and a honeydew, to me.

french morning melon

Absolutely delicious.  Any recipe that calls for cantaloupe or honeydew can easily be swapped out for this melon.  And recommended, so now that you know what this interesting looking cantaloupe is, pick one up next time you’re out.  Farmers Markets are the perfect place to discover knew things.


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