Home Grown Food Summit – 2016

home grown food summit

I’m pretty stoked to watch this year’s Home Grown Food Summit!

How had I never heard of this before? A week full of free webinar’s on everything from permaculture, growing your own herbal medicine and one that I’m most looking forward to: David the Good’s extreme composting film, ‘Compost Everything’:

Just a few other highlights I’m personally looking forward to learning more about:

  • organic gardening
  • spending $0 on feeding chickens
  • legally keeping chickens and goats in the city
  • natural beekeeping
  • free access to local seed varieties
  • worm composting
  • herb’s to grow to treat colds and infections
  • understanding Cottage Food Laws
  • breaking the monopoly of big chemical and seed companies

…just to name a few!

Mark your calendars for March 7 and start watching over 30 experts over the course of the week.  So looking forward to it! Sign ups are free at Home Grown Food Summit. Then come on back and let me know what your favorite segment was.

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