October Unprocessed Guest Post

What would happen if you decided to go without any processed food for just one month? Do you think you could? It seems almost strange to think that would be a hard thing to do, but you might be relying on more canned and prepackaged foods then you realize.

Andrew at the Eating Rules food blog, has been running his October Unprocessed challenge since 2010 and it’s participates grow year after year. I think people are hungry for change.  (Pardon the pun.) The site is full of information and recipes to get you started and I’m happy to announce that one of my recipes is being featured in the challenge today: my Savory Cranberry Jam.  Perfect for the upcoming holidays.

savory cranberry jam

The October Unprocessed challenge can be started any time. If you haven’t started but want to give it ago, there’s nothing wrong with November Unprocessed , December Unprocessed … or even 2017 Unprocessed!

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