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Easy Pickled Jalapenos

easy pickled jalapenos

easy to make pickled jalapeños

One of my favorite things to grow are peppers.  Even before I had a ‘real’ garden, I would grow in pots to appease my husbands love of all things spicy. I grow a few different varieties, but jalapeños are the favs around here.  And when my plants are so full they are tipping over from the weight, I know it’s time to do a mass harvest and start my seasonal preserving recipe for easy pickled jalapeños.

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salads/ vegetarian

Farro Summer Salad Bowl

farro summer salad

I love the ease of having a refreshing grain salad in the fridge to nibble on for a day or two.  When our summer days creep into the high 90’s or even 100’s, who wants to be cooking??? Quite often it’s quinoa mixed with cukes and other goodies, but I recently tried Pereg’s non-GMO Farro and really fell in love with the flavor!

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sides/ vegetarian

Honey Glazed Carrots

honey glazed carrots

When I was growing up, the only color carrot I can remember eating were the big ole orange carrots that Bugs Bunny was always chomping on! But our amazing farmers have been bringing back heirloom variety’s for awhile now.  Don’t let the colors throw you; they have the distinctive carrot taste, although the orange variety is a bit sweeter.

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sides/ vegetarian

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

grilled brussels sprouts

Last week I was still finding a few farmers market vendors with Brussels Sprouts, but I think we are nearing the end of these with our temperatures starting to warm up here in LA. My hubby makes this Roasted Brussels Sprouts dish for the guys at his station. It’s a side dish for them, but a hearty vegetarian main dish as well.

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breakfasts/ vegetarian

Mini Soy Chorizo Frittatas

mini soy chorizo frittatas

What’s a girl to do with an over abundance of farm fresh eggs? These mini Frittatas would be perfect for a Sunday brunch and a fun thing for kids to help make. Or how about for breakfast on the go?  Prepare the ingredients the night before and make a batch for the family to grab on their way out the door to school or work.

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desserts/ vegetarian

Pumpkin Empanadas

pumpkin empanadas_0014

Pumpkin empanadas may not be on everyone’s Thanksgiving table, but this is a staple in many Southwest and Mexico homes. It’s a sweet pastry, so if you’re thinking of adding something new to your Thanksgiving or Christmas table – this is the dish! And they’re also great the next morning with a cup of coffee or tea.

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